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The Crew Club provides a range of opportunities to support people’s health and levels of fitness. We are passionate about supporting people to move more so they feel better within themselves. We also understand that any new physical activity can be challenging both physically and mentally.

“I loved taking part in the Choose to Move walk as there’s no doubt that a bit of exercise certainly makes you feel better”

Allison Ferns, Broadcaster BBC

This is why our work is designed to support people from those early stages of new movement right through to high intensity workouts. We have qualified walk / run leaders on our Choose To Move and 10 Steps to 5K project, fitness instructors on the BoxFit , HIIT Classes , and Senior Boxing Fitness sessions who will provide the support needed to get you moving. Our sessions are based around social connection, individual progression and fun.

Fitness activities include local organised walks and runs, football, boxing, fitness classes, buggy walks, and parent & toddler HIIT classes.